SBT Consulting aims to help companies develop the strategies that address pressing company issues to increase revenue or market share, Improve customer satisfaction or to reduce costs.

How we do this?
The first question to ask is where the problems are and what is necessary in the business. What is the purpose or end result you are looking for? What is still needed – does it provide value to the business? If not, don’t spend time “optimizing” just change or eliminate it.

Our Approach:
Analyse the Business Environment and Envision the Future
Identify the Strategic Options
Evaluate and Select key Strategies
Develop the outline business and financial case

We have helped customers envision the future and create the strategy, business case and benefits measures to achieve the vision.

What we do:

Develop strategies that address pressing company efforts to increase revenue or market share, Increase customer satisfaction or reduce costs. 

How we do it:

Visioning the future and developing the strategy and business case to achieve the objectives. 


Analysing the Context and Environment 

Identifying Strategic Options 

Evaluating and Select Strategic Options 

Developing the business case 

ST – Strategy (Audit Process): 

ST1: Compile case study of the business 

ST2: Analyse Situation 

ST3: Analyse Management 

ST4: Analyse Environment 

ST5: Evaluate Strategic Alternatives 

ST6: Develop Strategy Model 

ST7: Make Recommendations 



Business Profile 

Business Model (Business Model Canvas – Customers, Value, Channels, Relationships, Revenue, Activities, Resources, Partners, Cost) 


Visioning (Future State Visioning)  

Mission design 

7Cs of Consulting (client, clarify, create, change, confirm, continue, close) 


Systems Thinking, Creative Management 


Organisational structure – STOP model (as a pyramid), Strategic management level, Tactical middle management, Operational level 

Stakeholder Analysis, Myres-Briggs (MBTI) Personality Profiles 


Operating Environment: 


McKinsey 7s model, 

SMOT (Strategic Management of Technology) 

Value chain 

PAF (Cost of quality) 

Strategic Risk Analysis, Strategy Development Routes Model 

Cultural Web, Belbin Roles 

Generic Performance Improvement Strategies 


Overall profit/market leadership strategy 

Cost reduction strategy 

Customer satisfaction strategy 


Force Field Analysis 

Investment Appraisal (techniques like Cost-Benefit Analysis , Break-Even Analysis , use of Net Present Values (NPVs) and Internal Rates of Return (IRRs) , and Decision Trees) 

Strategic Planning 

Financial modelling/forecasting, Financial planning 


Reports, Presentations, Position Papers, Business Cases, Action Plans