What we do…

Develop stategies that address pressing company efforts to increase revenue or market share, increase customer satisfaction, or reduce costs.

Analyse the company’s operations or specific business processes to see where and how the business needs to change.

Realign (analyse and design) technologies into a configuration that will support proposed changes to the company.

Develop plans/roadmaps to implement the changes and transition the company back to business as usual.

…and how we do it

Visioning the future and developing the strategy and business case to achieve the objectives.

Analyzing the Context and Environment 

Identifying Strategic Options 

Evaluating and Selecting Strategic Options 

Developing the business case 

Developing blueprints outlining changes to the business and the impact on business as usual

Investigate the situation 

Consider the perspectives 

Analyse the needs 

Evaluate the options 

Define the requirements 

Analyse operational and information / digital systems, develop requirements, rebuild/modify systems.

Project definition 

User requirements 

System requirements 

Analysis and design 

System build and test 

Implementation and training 

Operations and maintenence  

Stakeholder management and engagement with structured project delivery and benefits realisation. 

Start up project 

Initiate project 

Direct the project 

Control the project stages 

Manage delivery of products 

Manage the stage boundaries 

Close the project 

Different clients may come on board at any stage of this process, for reasons which are specific to their circumstances. Because of this, a bespoke service is needed which is uniquely tailored to the clients’ requirements.

We do not offer a “one size fits all” approach.

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